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Village Tour: Experience the life in the Himalayas

The heart of India lies in villages. In today’s fast moving world, crowded cities, People now-a-days looking for peace of mind at-least for few days. People need to travel far-far away from the hustle bustle of the cities that is why village tourism in India is picking up the pace. People plan such trips once in a year to get into the calmness of the villages, enjoy local cuisine and stay in old traditional homes, learn the local culture, mix with local villagers and even work with them.

            Although travelling to Indian villages is always an amazing experience, trip to villages of Uttarakhand is totally different experience; Rendezvous with tradition, hospitality and adventure. These are the most remote villages in Uttarakhand untouched by the traveller’s footfall. Far from the crowd of cities, located in the hills of the Himalayan range, give you feeling of winters even in summers.

            We, TheSearchingSouls, bring you a new package of full of activities with soulful experience in every trip. We believe not only in travelling but also in exploring new places. Here is a chance to explore the remote areas of Uttarakhand, learn about the culture and tradition of the state, taste the local cuisine and the hospitality of the villagers of Uttarakhand.

Some activities to do in the village life of Uttarakhand:-

  •  Village excursion
  •  Meeting and conversation with locals
  •  Hiking
  •  Jungle walk
  •  Meditation  in the hill top
  •  Work with locals
  •  Enjoying folklore of the locals
  •  Listening aged old tales and legends by locals
  •  Quality time with nature
  •  River crossing
  •  Visit to local temples
  •  View Sunrise and sunset
  •  Soul Searching Sessions
  •  Bonfire
  •  Basic about Camping, Trekking and its Equipment’s.
  •  Night under stars

Raithal village is a small village in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Perched at an elevation of 1,800 meters amidst the lush greenery, Raithal village is popular among seasoned trekkers as it is the base camp to Dayara Bugyal.It is full of local life, blessed with the wide range of snow laden Himalayan peaks.Raithal is full of activities for the curious travellers. From peaceful mornings to walks in nature, trekking and camping, stay in 500 years old heritage home stay, this village depicts ideal lives of people living in mountains of the Himalayan range.Raithal is a perfect destination for those who want to spend some quality time amidst nature away from the hustle of the cities.

Cultural and historical Importance:-

These typical ancestral Garhwali houses are now used essentially to attract tourism.A few metres below the main village of Raithal, is the striking sun temple. The temple bears resemblance to the temples built by the Katyuri empire in 6th to 8th century. It used to be a cluster of five temples.The main temple of this village is Someshwar temple, dedicated to Shani and Shiva deities. It is believed to be as old as the existence of the village itself and faces the majestic Shrikanth peak of the Himalayas.


Popular destinations near Raithal:-

Some popular destinations near Raithal village are Dayara Bugyal trek, Dodital trek, Harshil valley, Gangotri-the source of the Ganges. On the way to Raithal you get to visit Rishikesh, Devprayag- the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, Uttarkashi.


Best Season to Visit: Throughout the year.


Weather: Summer 20 to 250C, Winter 1 to 150C


Distance from Haridwar: 233kms



Day 1: Travel to the Raithal village

07:00 Hrs: Travel to the Raithal village (8-9 Hrs journey).

16:00 Hrs: Reach the Raithal village, have tea and evening snacks there.

18:00 Hrs: Evening walk (if we have time).

21:00 Hrs: Dinner followed by rest.


Day 2: Explore village life

06:00 Hrs: Wake up and get ready for the day ahead.

07:00 Hrs: Witness sunrise in Silence behind The Himalayan Peaks.

08:00 Hrs: Have breakfast to get the energy to enjoy the day.

09:00 Hrs: Day hiking 2-3 Kms and fun beside a small water stream

14:00 Hrs: Make your Own World, Learn Directions; have some quality time in peace etc.Enjoy lunch. Thereafter take rest.

15:30 Hrs: Move your Feet: Enjoy local folklore and cultural dance.

17:00 Hrs: Local village excursion, tour to the village and interaction with locals. If possible you can also give helping hands to people in their day to day village works.

19:00 Hrs: Bonfire and have evening snacks.

20:00 Hrs: Listen to the local tales and history about the region.

21:00 Hrs: Dinner followed by rest


Day 3: Return home with memories

06:00 Hrs: Wake up early in the morning and freshen up for the day ahead.

07:00 Hrs: Travel to Haridwar after Breakfast.

08:00 Hrs: Now it’s time to say goodbye to the village. Travel back to home with memories engraved in mind and soul.

Your trip with TheSearchingSouls ends here. Hope to see you again.


Summary of the Trek

SummaryVillage Tour: Experience the life in the Himalayas
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