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How to Trek during periods

A friendly guide to ease the experience while your hike

Trekking and hiking across the line of mountains are as exhilarating and challenging as they may sound can turn into a nightmarish discomfort for our menstruating trekkers. As a women myself imagining a situation as such made me work deeper into this issue. An avid trekker may manage their dates and have preparations of periodical side effects such as cramps, fatigue and most importantly disposals; handy within their reach, we write this article to help first time trekkers as a basic know-how of packing and trekking during these situations.


As a female I have the right to say it without hesitation. Always expect your periods to come on the wrong time at the wrong place. They come, they ruin, and they make you suffer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while packing during a hike/trek

  1. Extra pairs of cotton undergarments
  2. Always carry two or more pair of trek pants
  3. Make sure they are loose and baggy, not skin hugging
  4. Try packing a dark colors to avoid visible stains

Most treks consist of Dry tent toilets. Availability of running water in these could be quite difficult to procure, this list of few must have products for you is to ensure a hygienic usage of toilet tents. 

  1. Tissue Paper Rolls: A little pro tip, carry them with you all the time. Safe for both the environment and your skin, tissue paper rolls have good absorbent capacity ensuring you a tidy disposal.
  1. Wet Wipes: Running water might not be available all the time. Keep a packet of (unscented) wet wipes handy
  1. Petroleum Jelly: Keep a box of petroleum Jelly to do away with skin eruptions as well as rashes caused due to regular friction while walking.
  1. Sanitizing spray: Avoid too much usage of toilet seat sanitizers spray but keep one with you to ensure proper disinfection.
Dispose Responsibly
Do not leave a trail of garbage on a hiking rout. They are not only Hazardous to environment but also humiliating towards locals. Be a responsible disposer and carry:
  1. Newspaper
  2. Zip Lock Bags
  3. Deodorant
  4. Paper bags

Ziplocs restricts leakages of fluid and odor. Pack your used sanitary in these and keep a bigger Bag for storage purpose, dispose the bag once you come across a waste bin.

As a conclusion; don’t panic and always talk to your trek leader about your issues, a right attitude with good hydration will ensure you a comfortable trek.


-Written by Deyasinee Bose. Know more about her on Instagram

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