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Frequently Asked Questions by first time female trekkers

Every tour has it’s first time. Starting from your first holiday that you may so fondly remember, to your first trip out with your friends. Some lucky souls also get to experience their first solo travel of their life. As an adventure travel company, we get to host at least one such solo Traveler in each group. The questions indeed tend to get more specific and rather intricate when it comes to first time female trekkers. The difference in experiences between a tour and trek is enormous. The things to pack, the fitness to maintain, the discipline which follows, all of these points are taken into account when you come for a Himalayan trek. In continuation to my last article this will also have an honorable mention for questions regarding Menstruating trekkers. By writing this article I would try my best to plunge into most of the questions I am asked as while communicating with trekkers.

Kitni female trekkers hongi?” (How many female members will be in a group?)

And the award to the most widely asked question goes to this one above. Irony being most of these women are often accompanied by a member. Guess Comfort and security comes handy if there are few more females in the group. Yes, the male to female ratio on the trek group is often tilted more to the male still an average of 30% women are present in most of the groups and at times it goes up to 80% as well. But we assure you that even if there is a single lady in the group we will make sure she feels comfortable. There has been groups with just one female trekker and trust me the feedbacks are always heartwarming.

How will be the toilets?

This is something which is bothers our female trekkers more than male trekkers. Be prepared to have a dry tent toilet in the campsite which is definitely not going to be a washroom where you can take selfies. A pit is dug in the ground and you cover it with sawdust and soil post use. So you literally have to cover your own shit. Jokes apart, make sure to get tissue paper roll, wet wipe and a torch for night usage of toilet with you. If you come across any problem feel free to contact our trek leader. They will be there to assist and guide you through it but do carry the necessary items listed above handy in a pouch. 

How do we let our parents/guardians informed?

Himalayas are no network zones. This mental clarity is required for everyone who wish to trek the Himalayan trail. Some treks such as DayaraBugyal or Chopta Tungnath, one can at least expect a network up till their base villages but not beyond it. However, treks of higher altitude such as Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Pangarchulla are strictly no network zones. Do let your family, friends, siblings, lover, dogs, cats etc. know that you will be out of network for 5 to 6 days. Come enjoy the sound of wind ruffling through the canopy and drink water from natural streams, listen and obey your trek leader’s instructions and let us take care of the rest. The following suggestion goes to everyone.

Can we get a double-sharing tent accommodation with a female member?

Sharing your tent with a complete stranger is understandably uncomfortable, we give out our accommodation on triple sharing basis according to the company policy. Our team will ensure to make the best arrangements to accommodate you in the best way possible up there, in accordance to our company policy.

What Safety precautions are taken into consideration?

Safety of our trekkers is of the utmost necessity for our trekkers. From a groups perspective, we have a no tolerance to predatory behaviour on the trail. Rest assured such activity will lead to an instant cancellation to the culprit’s trek and they will be expelled from the group with immediate effect. From Risks and Hazards perspective, it goes unsaid that treks of Himalayas are characterized as dangerous in nature. Therefore it is highly necessary to listen to the trek leaders once you’re up there. As much as we take great efforts for trekkers safety in every way right from acclimatization of body to proper nourishment through nutritious meals, we make sure that you complete your trek safely.

How do I pack, if I get my periods?

We already discussed about the packing and usage of items during a trek while our trekkers are menstruating. Do checkout the article ‘How to trek during periods?’ to know more. Come prepared, try booking your trek post your date if possible but if incase you get your periods keep the following things handy.

  • Tampons and Pads
  • Medicine for menstrual cramps 
  • Zip lock bags (procure bad odor and leaks)
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue papers
  • Petroleum jelly (for rashes)

These were the most widely asked questions and there answers, hope they were helpful and satisfying enough. There are other “Frequently asked questions” which you can read on our website. A trek could be the most awe-inspiring and liberating experience one can possible fathom if you come well prepared. It’s obvious to have queries, do your research, ask your service providers and prepare well. The better the preparation the better the enjoyment

-Written by Deyasinee Bose. Know more about her on Instagram

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